» Fixing Windows Error Code 0x80070035

June 10, 2019 - 2 minute read


I was recently imaging two new desktop computers that did not match my companies standard Dell OptiPlex 3060 rollout. During the usual setup process, I install printers from a network share that contains all of the office printers. Except I couldn’t connect to the network share on these two new PCs! I was getting the dreaded Windows Error Code: 0x80070035.

Windows Access Error

I tried the typical troubleshooting steps for this error:

While none of the above helped me correct the error (they may help you!), I did eventually figure out a fix to this error!

Fixing the Error

Open up the classic Windows Control Panel by clicking on the Start Menu and typing “Control Panel”.

Once you have the Control Panel open, click on User AccountsCredential Manager, and then on Windows Credentials.

Windows Credential Manager

Click Add a Windows credential

Add a Windows Credential

Enter the following information

Then click Ok to save.

Windows Credentials

Make sure that you can access the shared printer(s) or folder being shared from the File Explorer. If you can, great you have resolved the error!

Print-Server Share

NOTE: On one PC I tested removing the Windows credentials after accessing the network share and I was able to connect to the printers without issue, but on the second PC I tried to do the same and was not able to connect without leaving the credentials in place. Your results may vary!